Ty-Lite Phone Case – Great selfies come with a price

Just about everyone has heard about the phone case developed by Beyonce’s stylist, Ty Hunter. If you want the best selfies you can get, this is for you. But you will pay for it.

Not only is it a great case for taking selfies but it is also a case that protects as it illuminates. It is the only protective certified, military drop tested LED lighted case for your smartphone. The phone can be used for other social media like SnapChat and Facetime.

ty-lite-lighted-phone-caseIf you can find it in stock, the iPhone 6 version will also fit on the iPhone 7. To use the Ty-Lite’s LED lighting, you press a large yellow button on the back of the case. It’s the button with the three exclamation marks on it – you can’t miss it.

There are three lighting options: Cool, Warm, and Brilliant. The “Warm” setting has a yellowish tint to the lights. The “Brilliant” setting has the standard lights with a few of the yellow ones thrown in.

Without the light on, the case makes your phone look like a kid’s toy. It is basically a rubber safety bumper. Which is why it has passed so many drop tests. The case runs on batteries which should last about three weeks and it comes with a recharge cable. If you have smaller hands you may have trouble holding and managing the phone although not much more trouble than the larger iPhones and Notes.

Cost ranges from $49.95 on Amazon to $79.95 on HSN.