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Best Lighting For Selfies

How To Get The Best Lighting For Selfies

Choosing the best lighting for selfies is paramount if you want to be trendy and to make sure you will always get the best selfies possible.

best lighting for selfies

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Even though you do not have a great deal of experience taking pictures of yourself, you can still make the most out of the best selfie light and take extraordinary photos that will leave all of your friends astounded.


The Age of the Selfie

There is no doubt that we live in the age of the selfie. This year, we even had the privilege of having this word added in the dictionary. To make the trend complete, many Hollywood stars and models have been taking hundreds of selfies in the past few months.


Many people are posting excellent shots on Instagram or Facebook, without using

best lighting for selfie

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Photoshop or any other tools to tweak the photo. All they are using are some simple tips: being themselves, using the right filters, considering the background, choosing the right angle and ultimately selecting the best lighting for selfies.

When it comes to taking selfies that last long in time and are shared extensively online, you need to pay attention to the lighting. Truth be told, lighting is everything. While by using the right amount of light, you can radically improve the appearance of your skin and hair, not using the right light can make the picture look shallow, dark and unpleasant to the eye.

Taking good selfies that you’ll be proud of revolve around the best selfie light. There is nothing worse when trying to take a good selfie pic than having a mild shadow cast over your face. In order to solve the lighting problem once and for all, keep reading the following selfie lighting tips and use them as they suit you best.

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Tips to get the Best Lighting for Selfies

– Stand next to a window: for starters, try to choose a suitable location, with lots of natural sunlight. Window light is the best when it comes to indoor selfies. A solid source of light is of paramount importance when taking selfies. In a worst case scenario, try to take a selfie photo in a dimly-lit room, with no sunlight, only the light that comes from the lightbulb. You will notice the difference between the two types of light.

– Make sure the sun is in front of you: for a perfect shot when you are outside, make sure the sun is in front of you, just above eye level. In case you choose to take a shot indoors, follow the same rule when using indoor lighting. When the light comes from the front, right above your eye level, it tends to smooth your features and make your facial lines more pleasant.

– Make the most out of the automatic correction feature: in case you don’t get the best light or you choose to take a selfie indoors, with no natural light, use the automatic color correction from your camera and improve your photos.

best selfie lighting

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– Do not use your flash: in order to get the best selfie light, it is not necessary to use your flash. As a matter of fact, using your flash might stop you from getting the best light for your selfies.

– Use a thin curtain: in order to better diffuse the light and make it more flattering and softer, use a thin curtain. It can make your smile softer, smoother and much more attractive.

– Look at yourself before taking the picture: hold your phone and then look at yourself using the secondary camera. Look at the lightning and try to determine if that is really what you want. Turn 90 degrees to the left and keep noticing the light. Do the same by turning 180 degrees to the right, and then another 90 to the right. Now you have tried all four stances, and you can notice which one is the most suitable for the light you have.

By doing this, you will definitely find a great spot with excellent lighting and a decent background. If that’s not the case, try to move to another location or maybe try taking the photo at a different time of the day. The light in these two periods of the day is the best selfie lighting for taking photos.

– Take the shot during the “magic hour”: lastly, in order to enjoy the best lighting for selfies, it is recommended to take your shot during the “magic hour”. This is exactly two hours after sunrise or one hour before sunset.

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