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Best Selfie Lights Reviews

Best Selfie Lights

best selfie light

Lumee Light Case for iPhone

We live in a world and age where everyone wants to be seen in their best light. In order to take the best selfie pictures, you need to take advantage of extra boosters, such as wireless remotes, fancy lighting and phone cases that light up when you take a photo. Here are four of the best selfie lights you can use to take extravagant photos.




  1. Lighted Phone Case

    Lumee Light Case is best selfie light

    Lumee Light Case

The LuMee light cases are perfect for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy phones. These cases feature a built-in selfie flash that lights the moment you take a picture. In addition to LuMee light case, you can find other types of smartphone cases that light up when you take photos. While most cases are suitable for 5” and 5.2” smartphones, some manufacturers offer cases for 4.7”, 4.8” or even 6” smart phones.


The cases from LuMee are equipped with a couple of ultra-flattering strips on each of their sides in order to let you enjoy a perfect glow every single time. Each case is built to run on battery, and the battery is easily recharged via MicroUSB.


  1. Portable Mini 16 LED

    spotlight for selfie

    Portable 16 LED Selfie Light

Another great way to take your selfie hobby to the next level is to buy a portable mini LED. You can find one of these products on Amazon for as low as $6.99. Using a portable mini LED is as easy as pie. Simply connect it to your smartphone via the audio jack and enjoy extraordinary selfies. This device offers 3 unique levels of brightness and is equipped with a hanging rope to let you carry it at your neck.

Weighing only 8.5 grams (0.3 ounces), carrying this device around is a breeze. Because it is compatible with Android, iOS and WP8 devices, you can practically use it with thousands of smartphones and tablets. Its battery life lasts for up to 2 weeks, enabling you to enjoy hundreds of quality selfies with just one charge.

If you love to be creative and you love to experiment with different lighting options, then this device is perfect for you. The best selfie lights don’t have to be the most expensive.


  1. Ocathnon Selfie Ring Light

    Selfie Phone Light

    Ocathnon Selfie Ring Light

Another advanced piece of technology that you can use to greatly improve the quality of your selfies and get the best lighting possible is the Ocathnon Selfie Ring Light. With a flawless rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, this technological advancement has helped tens of thousands of people from all around the world to take better selfies and leverage the true power of technology to enhance their photography skills.

The Selfie Ring offers a bright, continuous light, enabling you to take high quality photos. You can use it to take great selfies and regular photos, during the day in low light mode or during the night. This device is small and light enough to be carried into your pocket and is made of the highest quality plastic.

The Ocathnon Selfie Ring Light provides side or supplemental lighting. To use it, all you need to do is to clip the device on top or at the side of your smartphone and hit the power button on the ring. You can then select your desired brightness level and take the picture. The ring works with two AAA batteries, which you have to purchase in advance because they are not included in the package.


  1. Diva Ring Light with Stand

    Diva Ring Light best selfie light

    Diva Ring Light with Stand

And lastly, the Diva Ring Light with Stand is one of the favorite selfie lighting kits available on the market. Even though it is more expensive than those above, this device is used by professional photographers and up and coming models for excellent indoor lighting. This ring virtually eliminates shadows, creating a beautiful halo around the eyes.

Professional makeup artists and wedding photographers have been using this device for years. However, more and more regular people passionate about selfies are coming to realize the huge benefits of the Diva Ring Light. Thus, not only video creators and professional photographers are now leveraging the true potential of the Diva Ring Light with Stand, but many people who are willing to invest $200 in their selfie hobby consider this one of the best selfie lights.


The Bottom Line

The above are just four gadgets that can help you take extraordinary self portraits, but there are many other options available. Which one is your favorite? Leave your comment below and tell us which other gadget should make this list.

10 Tips for Great Selfies

10 Tips For Great Selfies

taking great selfiesEverybody can take a selfie, but few can take a perfect selfie. Taking a better selfie requires a piece of art, a skill and much more. With the rising trend of posting selfies on social media, everyone wants to look better and striking. However, out of the tons of selfies taken, only a few people can get them right. Are you one of them? Stop wondering why some people like Kim Kardashian look so amazing in their selfies. You can do it like them or even better if you try the following 10 tips for a great selfie.

Get The Best Lighting for Your Selfie

Selfie Phone Light
Selfies that have been taken inside a car look amazing, right? The cab inside the car provides the perfect lighting for a selfie. However, that doesn’t mean that you always have to look for cars to get a snap. All you need is just plenty of natural day-light to light the shot. Try facing a window or a door while standing in a shaded area before taking a gorgeous shot. You will come up with an exquisite selfie.

Strike A Pose

poses for selfiesSome people never run out of great poses that make their pictures super attractive. They just have some tricks that make them look eye-catching. Try angling your body in a way by turning your torso a bit to the left or right. This will make you look slimmer making a more attractive photo. Again, ensure that you drop your shoulders down and try to lean back. This makes your chin line appear thin. Additionally, while posing you can try lifting your neck while extending it forward a bit. Your chin looks natural without bulges that often occur while taking selfies.


Adding great accessories to your pretty face makes the selfie look livelier. Try using sunglasses, a scarf, a hat or even other accessories. This will add some spark to the selfie drawing more attention. Use accessories to show off your character.

Do it like the models

Do the photos of the models in magazines draw your attention? Great, they don’t get it wrong. They try different angles until they get the side that is perfectly photogenic. Everybody has their best side – find yours. You can get a great angle by holding the smart phone at 45 degrees just above your head. This will make you appear slim just like the models. Why not try?

Check the background and yourself

Make sure you check yourself on your smartphone screen or a mirror to ensure that your face is perfect. Nothing worse than taking a ton of shots only to realize that you had some hair out of place. Don’t forget, the background is a major part of the shot. The background captures the mood of the selfie. Look for surroundings that fit your mood.

Try a group selfie (groupie)

lighting for group selfieTaking a selfie with a friend or two makes it look natural. After all, a selfie should be thought of just like any other picture. Taking it with a friend helps to preserve long lasting memories while at the same time showing what’s going on in the present.

Look right at the camera

You should engage the camera for a better selfie. Make the camera your friend instead of just staring at the lens. This opens up your eyelids making your smile look big and bright. Another person looking at the selfie will be tempted to smile back.

Have fun

This involves expressing yourself in multiple ways. You can make faces, smile or take a shot from above. Try to be you and do anything that looks funny to you. You may end up realizing that you did just the perfect thing for the selfie. Instead of posing like other models, pose like you because the selfie is yours.

Try a selfie stick

Selfie stick A selfie stick can make you look funny, but it can help you get different angles that your hands can’t achieve. Besides, a selfie stick gives you greater control of the selfie. Using a selfie stick opens up a workld of possibilities for your selfies.

Keep the finger ready and steady

You are now satisfied with the pose and the angle. You don’t have to take 100 shots continuously. This will result in a bunch of blurry shots. Just take your time to focus on the lens, do your thing with the finger ready and steady before taking the right shot.

Bonus tips

Ensure that the camera resolution is high to get a better quality.
Be interesting by taking the selfie while in a fun activity.
Try using a timer for a better pose

Lighting is one of the most important factors to getting a great selfie. See lots of options for lighting to get the perfect selfie.

written by: Godgits